Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday packages reminds me of making bows

I am looking for the directions for these cute hair braids. I have them somewhere

There are two ways to make ribbon roses this is my easiest

This is my sisters directions for putting tiny roses on pre-made or handmade bows loops.

This is the Cinderella style bows!

With the birthday over my mind goes to the pretty little hair things you can make for children's hair. All over the Internet are fun things to buy or make for hair. I'm wondering if my pages on bow making will help you come up with your own creative ideas? I kept a wooden box of supplies so I could make a hair "pretty", for any of the four girls, on a moments notice. I could make a cute bow and then sew a fancy button or a shaped button in the center. I kept hair clips, ribbon, buttons, beads and such in my box. So look over these drawings and see if you can figure out how to use them for something fun. I will work on better directions when the visiting grandkids have headed home. Right now I'm hugging the baby and tossing balls up and down the stairs with the 2 year old!

I went to a bridal shower today and we made toilet tissue wedding dresses and I'd say two of the three dresses had a bow on it!

My bow directions come by way of a year of floral design in college, and other classes I've taken.

Enjoy and pass along your ideas.

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