Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another amazingly beautiful day in BC Canada

Today was another day of blue skies and sunshine. Bleach Boy and I made our journey on Bicycles. He has a nice gold Kikapu dirt bike, it has shocks and front and rear suspension.
I have my original 18 speed dirt bike I bought in the early 1980's. Heavy, loose slow shifting but I love this bike, it is perfect for me, blue and small. We found a nice over hang around the other side of the lake and spent the day there reading and munching cheesy bread. The local grocery bakery is famous for this chewy bread.
You may think that sitting each day at a different lake and reading all day would be a lazy life. I earn every bit of it on the ride over. This trail was full of big deep long hills. A pleasure one direction a hard job the other!

Bleach Boy isn't really into his book this time around. He was enjoying watching the different little boats going up and down the lake.

What will tomorrow bring? It is our last day here, I'm sad. I think I'll bike every trail I can in one day. My ankle is not taking the hiking this year, maybe a soak in the blue gray glacier creek would bring the swelling down. But until then I'm good for a bunch of biking! Maybe this time I can stop less for photos and spare bleach boy all that delay!



Lyndy said...

Looks very nice! I miss it!

Eden said...

I hope you ate some cheesey bread for me. It's SOOOO good!