Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Eden

Happy Birthday Eden

She is the last of the family born in 1978. It’s not polite to state a ladies age so you will have to figure out what birthday Eden is celebrating today.

She’s the only daughter-in-law in the family. When she married our son she had to meet not only me but the four daughters. Now that would un-nerve any young lady. How brave she was.

Eden fits in perfect; we love all she has brought to our family.

So there we have it the far away daughter, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law all born In 1978. If you are wondering about that year see my blog for Jared’s birthday.

I loved my 30’s. So if you are reading this and are in your 20’s heading fast toward the 30’s don’t worry about it. It’s lovely. The 20’s are full of choices that stress you. Where to go to school, what to major in, what to do when you change your major, how to please your parents, who to marry, where to live, how to support yourself, when to start your family, etc.. But when you get to the 30’s so much of that is behind you. You have gained some skills for what you are now doing. And the best of all you can visit your home town and people treat you less like a kid!

So dear Eden, enjoy these years to come. You are very special and we love you!

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