Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A walk through my neighborhood

The weather has cooled back down and so we are walking again Lilly and I. My neighborhood is beautiful this time of year. Let me take you on a walk through my wonderland! Maybe you are one of my kids and you will be home sick looking up and down the road you once explored on. But if this is your first time on my street, listen for the chickadees, the sound of the horses, the smell of berries that are ripe, listen to the russle of the fir trees, and look up through the maple leaves as the sun glows through them. Now you know why I live here and NO where else.


For full impact click on a photo to enlarge
This is just as you come off the main road onto my road, it was once just a dirt road

This is midas my cat following along

The 2 photos above are of a vine maple in my neighbors yard
My grand daughter Lilly was with me so we took photos of forest growing lillys

This is heading back the other way and yes they do trash pick-up on picture day!

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~L said...

Yes makes me homesick