Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beautiful weather, lots of hiking and biking... nothing like a vacation

Here is today's berry. It was a great find! I had to hike back to get the photo as when we first passed it the sun was so bright you couldn't enjoy the rich colors of this bush.

No guessing this time, this is a gray blueberry. It tastes wonderful and is larger than most wild blueberries.


This is the lake I was hiking to when I found the blueberry bush. Lost lake a popular busy place but so beautiful and even peaceful in a big crowd.

When we vacation here in Whistler anyone can join us but the rules are meal cooking is shared and we each get to do what we want to do. I put a pad of sticky notes out and everyone leaves times and places they are off to if they know. Well bleach boy and I had no idea where we were off to and when Lilly and her parents found us at lost lake we were very surprised! With 5 lakes within walking distance to our condominium we could have been any where.

On Monday the crowds of the week-end go away and you have the kids working the summer here and the families that live here and the summer camps. It's a different group on Monday. I did a tiny bit of hiking over rocks on Sunday and it swelled my injured ankle too much to walk on Monday. We ended up riding our bikes to rainbow park. I drive bleach boy crazy I'm sure, as I kept stopping to take photos of berries! Seems the bears were liking these berries too. Found lots of bear skat on the trails.

We spent all day at Rainbow park and one point I thought bleach boy was going to have to take off his shoes and go into the lake after a girl who had gone too far trying to retrieve her inter- tube that had blown away. Finally when she was much too tired she turned back to land. Lucky for bleach boy. I've always hoped he would be around if I was drownging. He is such a really great strong swimmer!

We spent the day reading. I read aloud the good articles in this months Foreign Policy magazine and then went to work on reading Goose Girl. We were going to baby sit Lilly that evening so around 4:30 we rode back into town, stopping for Photos all long the trail.

This is a fitting end to the day. Took this out of our deck.

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