Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The colors just amaze me

More garden photos. I can't walk out to my gardens without feeling the thrill the beautiful colors give me. There have been plenty of great successes in this years garden. Failure? yes no peas, the bean plants grew but gave nothing, tomatoes are always a disappointment. Not enough heat units. Lots of green ones nothing ripe. The other big frustration is earwigs. They are decimating the cabbage. The salad table was amazing and I collected all of it's basil today and made and froze 4 cups of fresh pesto.

I love watering this garden! Today I hung the squash on the rack with my old nylons!

Monday, August 10, 2009

how colorful eating can be!

left to right, rainbow chard in orange, yellow, pink, bright yellow and bright orange. Chard stays nice when heat would have turned spinach to seed! next a patty pan summer squash, Cross wise is some rhubarb, in the back some boc choi, and then spinach nearly all seed. For this one pot meal I also pulled some onions. I know bleach boy must think I'm a crazy lady taking photos of the veggies that I just washed!
If you can't tell I LOVE to garden.
Unlike my weaving where my favorite part is planning, and the hard work of warping, in gardening it's the eating I like!
Tonight was vegetable soup with a Thai twist (lemon grass and coconut milk)
For dinner I just walked out to the garden and collected a Rainbow to put in the pot!