Saturday, July 12, 2008

Domestic red currents

Last daughter guessed this one correctly. The berries are domestic red currents and they grow on my Northern fences. We love these tiny juicy berries. Frozen they are wonderful. Many long years ago my love of wild life convinced me to make sure all I planted on my property would feed something. So the currents feed the children who pass by and the birds enjoy them and if Gracie, my Cashgora Goat had her way she would enjoy the whole bush, all the way to the ground!

I'm on the search for some berry's to take photos of. Today, first day of vacation was a day of rest. No matter how beautiful the weather I just couldn't get myself off and onto a trail! You can smell berries in the heat of the day so I look forward to this search. It's a sweet smell, I'm sure the bears find the berries this way. I've seen the bears go from bush to bush just gobbling up those sweet treats. The village is a buzz with plans for the 2010 winter Olympics. But talk this year is that the long winter made the crops very late and strawberries are just now on. So I cross my fingers that this July isn't too early for some wild berries to enjoy.

wish me luck.

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