Friday, July 11, 2008

Berry Berry quite contrary

So we can have you guess each day with answers the following day
What berry is this? Can you eat it? just give me a comment below.
I'm off for my week of hiking in Canada. I'm hoping for lots of cool perfect weather. Last year I was rained out, sad. I wait all year for this. I have my favorite hiking sandals, my camera, and my day pack. Because I hike home to a lovely condominium every night I hope to send you a daily berry report. Yes it is berry season and my camera and I will go in hunt of all those wild beauty's Watch for photos of my hunt for the Berry Berry quite contrary. And as it goes in the Canadian Alps we don't want to run into any bears while hunting berries! Smiles, grammie person

1 comment:

~L said...

I guess either edible currants or an unedible something...