Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go to the Movies!

Want to do something really fun? Take the kids to see the 3D movie 'Journey to the Center of the earth'. Here in the Seattle area it is only playing in Monroe and Seattle. The Monroe theater is behind the Fred Myer. Just one block East of the 522 hwy. When you get off 522 get in the far left lane coming off the fwy as you will need to get into the left hand turn lane right away as it has a cement runner blocking you from getting over if you are too late.

We went today to Monroe and had a wonderful, laughter filled time. The movie was Kid Safe in that every problem had a safe (albeit not possible) fairly quick solution. All danger passed quickly and the 3D effects were really fun all the way through the credits even.

The movie was a bit pricey. Nine dollars at the 4:45 pm time slot but maybe it's because of those sturdy 3-D glasses we all received and were told to keep for the next 3D movie. Even one of the movie pre-views was in 3-D so we got to run a bit of a test before the movie.

Now don't be confused like we were. Seems TWO movie were released by the same name. The 3D run of Journey to the Center of the Earth has Brandon Frasier the other movie does not.

So take the kids to a really fun adventure, some great laughs, some dazzling "BIG" things and hopefully it won't make your head spin like it did me! he he

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