Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Cheryl

Our 4th child has a summer birthday.

It seemed like we celebrated while camping, or on the way to visit one of the grandparent families. Later it was Girl Scout camp or some other camp that occurred during her birthday.

Cheryl was one of the "late" arrival girls. She was over due and bleach boy was wearing down from the mid-night false alarms. Her claim to fame is that I took something to start labor and it worked! That or the long walk, which never worked before.

Baby Cheryl was always know for her big smile and happy out look, and Frogs.

I hope she is having a happy day seems once again Summer events are getting in the way of her special day. But we won't forget it! Happy Birthday, born in the 1980's, Cheryl

What happened in 1981.

Oh it wasn't a very interesting year really. Ronald Reagan became the 40th president.

Raiders of the lost Arch with Harrison Ford was released.

MTV was first released on TV.

Luke and Laura marry on the U.S. soap opera General Hospital; it is the highest-rated hour in daytime television history.

Not much more to report!

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