Friday, July 18, 2008

Berry recipe time

It was a brooding day for our drive home.
Vacation coming to an end. I always savor every moment. This is lunch on the Howe sound. A beautiful place even with a stormy sky.
After a nearly 2 hour wait at the U.S. border and with no air conditioning and direct sun I have decided not to ever do the border again on a Friday. NO U.S licence plates in any of the lines we could see during the 2 hours. The cars were being searched one after the other. We got to the booth and in about a minute we were welcomed home and sent on our way!

So now that I have shown you a bunch of tasty wild berries (we all know how many black berries we have in the area) I am going to give you a bunch of really good recipes to use these or any berries. All loved and tested by my family. So be ready to try them while the berries are in season.

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