Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Twins in a blanket

Natalie Elise
A lot of the family got together this week-end. We blessed Natalie,who is no longer very tiny, in church Sunday. I had 9 of my 10 grandchildren all together and forgot to take a photo can you believe that? I eavesdropped on my daughters talking and heard them sharing rhyming games to play with baby. There was Natalie at 2 plus months and Logan at 2 years and max and Lilly at 1 year. All the other children at 4 and older were outside playing the kinds of things bigger, little kids do.
So this is for the babies who can still be bounced on your knee or are about to be big enough to be bounced on your knee.

Trot Trot to Boston

In a lively singsong, with child on your knee of leg as if to ride a horse. Hold onto their hands.
Trot, trot to Boston
Trot, trot to Lynn
Trot, trot home again
And don't fall in. (down goes the child into the Ditch (space between your knees) and gently onto the floor)

Rag Dolls

You can do all the floppy parts easily
Let's floppy our fingers
Let's floppy our hands
Let's floppy our arms like rubber bands
Now floppy our heads, floppy your legs too
Like floppy rag dolls
I'll flop down with you

And now at request of Natalie's mommy here are the handkerchief dolls I made for you in church. I memorized them from this old book. Practice and you can amaze your kiddos.
This came from The Everything Book, printed in 1974. I learned the twins in a blanket from my mother who did them for me as a child in the early 1950's.

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