Monday, June 2, 2008

Thinking of things to come

Yes a real Zen garden. We visited it in Japan and so do thousands of visitors each year. This is a very famous one and people sit there all day and just look at it. I understand the Zen master did it until he didn't need his arms so they fell off. And he didn't need his legs so they fell off. Any way the story gets worse as we go so I'll leave it here. This month is a sit at the Zen garden and study it month. Can you believe we have 5 family birthdays in June? I didn't believe until I looked at my wonderful calendar made by my youngest. We didn't have any children in June but we do have two son-in-laws born in June and three grandchildren. Two of those grandchildren will have their first birthday this month. So to honor them this week I will put in fun games and activities for children. One a day so check back. I know I'll have fun collecting them for you to use. But for now.......................... Guess I'll go back to the Zen Garden and think on this a bit! Hope nothing falls off, I need every thing I've got! Smiles Grammie

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~L said...

It does look very peaceful. :)