Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Paper dolls

Hope that title didn't put you off. This is really fun stuff. A young child will be amazed and want you to do it over and over. An older child will take the paper and scissors and start on their own connected dolls.
So grab some paper, a pencil and scissors.
Fold the paper in some nice wide accordion folds. You can see my fold lines in the dolls above. One fold in (Valley fold) and one fold out ( Mountain fold) You can draw your figure in full at this point and cut it out but it is easier to fold the accordion fold in half now and only draw half a person. It is important to leave parts attached to the fold. A bit of pony tail, the hands, a foot. If you forget and don't keep some of the folds attached you will get dolls apart. That is fun too.
Don't limit this adventure to just people, some great monsters come from this kind of play. You can use colorful construction paper, printer paper or the news paper for a nice long line of dolls.
Have fun. This takes no planning at all.

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