Monday, June 30, 2008

This is for you Wendy and anyone with scrap fabric

Snip in the center of the curve (see below)
See where my scissors are? That is the snip you take at the center
If you know a quilter or you are a quilter then you know where to get the scraps you need for this project!
Here is a wonderful fabric ball. It is very good for little kids who want to be able to hold on and drag those toys with them. I enjoyed making this for Max who turned one on Sat. I plan to make more. There is a bit of hand sewing which I don't mind. Be careful not to over stuff the pieces. You can see in the photo in my last blog that the fabric pulls a bit. I would firmly stuff the petal area and lighten up in the back so it is easier to sew together.
Here goes!
you need the pattern which you can make with the directions or see if printing them gets the correct size from my card board patterns. Be sure the patterns match the measurements on the diagram. If you want me to e-mail you just a PDF for printing I'm happy to do so, just send your e-mail address and I will keep it off the blog.
Cut 12 half circles from a solid color fabric or gingham. I'd keep them all on the same grain.
cut 12 petal pieces in bright prints, something with a smaller print looks better. I kept the long part of the petal at the grain. (lost about grain? do you need a blog on grain?) ( fabric weave direction not stuff you eat!)
Fold the half circles in half with edges matching and clip the curve on the fold 1/4" to mark the center. This is the turning point when sewing on the petal. (see my note by photo)
Pin a petal shaped piece to a half circle matching seam lines (broken lines) stitch together up to the center clip, stop the machine,make sure the needle is down, lift presser foot, swivel the fabric and pin the petal to the opposite side of the half circle. Sew, This will make a little pocket.
Clip curves (important) and turn right side out.
Press well and stuff.
To hem: Fold the two open edge into a hem, sew them closed by hand on the long side of the piece. See my photo of finished pieces before sewing cluster
Repeat for all twelve pieces.
Now for the fun.
Sew three units together. first sew #2 to #1 stitching all the way up the long edge you just sewed closed or opposite that. I held the two long edges together and whip stitched it.
Add #2 to #1 & #2 (see my photo of a finished cluster)
Do this with all 12 segments and you will have 4 clusters of 3.
Now finally match up two clusters and sew them together on the long edges. Do this until the final cluster and just sew it in by sewing the bottom with a good amount of tacking stitches and then tack stitch the top of the petals to the one next to it.
Because I over stuff I had to put my clusters together by tacking the top and bottoms together on all the clusters addition. I did 6 times with double thread and did a great knot and then pulled it deep inside and cut off the thread.
Have fun

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