Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Birthday Cake

I just have to share this fun photo of our granddaughter at her birthday party. She is now one year old. A lot of family and a few friends came to celebrate with her. It was held at the lake on a day threatening rain.
Gifts were opened and now it was time for cake. Her mom quickly removed the pretty blue party dress (that matched her eyes) and put her in the high chair. The prepared piece of cake, from the middle, was suddenly gone. Everyone scattered to find it, no luck, more looking, and with everyone hunting another piece was cut.
I caught Lilly in this look, as she waited, wondering why she was dress less and what all the fuss was about. Isn't it sweet?
I'm also happy to report the rain held off, there was lots of tasty food to eat and very nice people to visit with. The lake had a boat race of little speedy remote power boats so we even enjoyed a bit of entertainment. They even had a boat that herded the little baby ducks gently out of race track.
It sure is wonderful to turn one year old in June!

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