Saturday, June 7, 2008

Discoveries come in interesting ways

Discoveries today offer some fun ideas for you. A friend called asking about my little rototiller. Wondered how it was at removing moss. So bleach boy and I went out to test it on live moss. We've used it many times on dead moss with great success. We tested, it removed the moss and we called the friend back. So now is the time for the discovery. In that brief moment the two of us set out to do the whole lawn. We worked fast, we both had been working on other projects, we had the lawn done in 45 minutes and an hour to haul it all back to the compost. What a feeling of accomplishment!
I think half of what keeps us from getting things done is thinking about it. Sure it will be a stress. Hunting for what we need to feel we can do a project. Not sure we are in the mood. I understand all this, I do this all! But in no time at all we did a big job. What was the key to this success? Just doing! NOT Thinking. Doing.
Back in the early 90's my sister gave me a gift. It was a see through bag, colorful and bright, it was full of small folded papers. At the bottom of the bag was a little round hole to extract the papers from. She said when I didn't know what to do to pull a paper out. This concept seems useful in today's discoveries. I need one of those bags and I need to fill it with projects that I avoid and know I could do fast if I didn't think about it. No collecting of materials, grab as you go and get it done. I think one a week would be a good start. Can you make a list of jobs you avoid when you think too much?
And if you search your mind for these ideas it will lead into my weight loss blogs. The first one will be on what your mind is doing to your weight. If you want to get a head of me a bit, go to the basic cd. Go to the Health folder, now to What's a diet, now to hypnotherpy. Listen to 1-5 don't be put off by the discussion of how to be hypnotized, keep listening as he talks about what your mind does to your body. It's very good.
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