Friday, May 30, 2008

Test results on whole wheat master mix

I'm happy with this mix so far. At first I wasn't sure. Whole grain really drys out recipes. I haven't had to add but a tiny bit of extra liquid and the biscuits have been amazingly fast and very good. As with any biscuit they are dry the next day. I'd say these are a bit dryer than regular biscuits. I made a dinner from the Bisquick site and it had hamburger and cheese etc on top of the biscuits dough, padded into an 8X8 pan. It was odd on first bite but after a moment I found it crunchy and good.
Did you make a batch? How is it working for you? I am very happy with the oil in the master mix. Doing the blending in the mixer with the whisks was a perfect way to really blend this in nicely. I think we will end up using this whole grain mix a lot. Think I'll make a 2nd one and add some chopped sunflower seeds and some sesame seeds and what ever else I think of. That should make a really healthy breakfast! I rolled the biscuits out on corn meal and they were really good that way.
It's now Oct. and I have been using this whole grain mix for a good long time. We really like it! The crunch is becoming more common to our mouths and for two of us I have now made 4 big batches. It's ready for most any thing you need, however the cinnamon rolls were better with the traditional white flour mix. Do make and use this!

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