Friday, June 13, 2008

Adoption and dear friends

So today I want to tell you about Steve and Christine. They are adoptive parents. Belle their little doll of a girl came to visit a few weeks ago. My has she grown. Happy little girl, had fun feeding maple leaves to my goat Gracie.
Steve and Christine are trying to adopt another child, they have been aproved by L.D.S family services since Sept 2007. I remember the 9 month plus wait for the birth of my 5 babies and it was horrible wondering and waiting. Just think what it is for an adoptive parent who has no delivery date. Oh how slow time must go.
If you know of a birthmother looking at parents for her child take a look at their profiles on and search adoption profiles then typing "SteveandChristine (no spaces) in the search box.
These are great parents with a lot of talent and drive. I've seen the warmth of their first home, which they re-did themselves. I've enjoyed their fun quilt they entered at the fair. I've seen the happy friendship they have had with our youngest daughter. These are good solid people, always there with a smile.
Happy to help them out!

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Christine said...

Thank you Fonnell, this means so much to us. :) We love you!!