Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things to come.....HOT

This has been a busy week-end and to add to it I was suddenly asked to speak in church. For those of you with paid ministry you have no idea how it feels to speak in church! I have been assigned a topic and I will do my best to give a good message, but that will keep me from putting in my fun blog on HOT or heat and how to deal with it. I have some things to keep you safe and let you have fun and cook and do. I will type it out when the stressful talk is over. So check back on Monday, I hope our heat is gone by then but I'm sure some of you have heat all summer!
I will also put in the pattern for the little fabric ball I made for my grandson Max. His party was fun and the weather, in the shade, was lovely and I gave him a 12 segmented fabric ball. Wait for the blog on how to make this fun toy for babies.
I know, Promises promises!

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