Thursday, February 5, 2009

hints from the fashions of the 1920's

Where is everyone? I used to get up to 80 visitors a day on my postings and now 3 of you join me. Are you all worn from the holidays, has the weather got you without power, hope you are not down and worried? Just know that you are missed. Maybe my fashion posts just don't cut it. So I'll hold part two for later and put in this fun look back in time, something to make you just smile. Do let me know if there is something you need to hear about!

I collect sewing and fashion magazines from as far back as they go and from every country that shared good fashion. The pages tonight are from a 1921 and 1927 Coats and Clark sewing booklets. Not very big and very fragile you are lucky to get a peek into some of their pages. The fashions of the 20's were simple hip waisted dresses with tons of embellishments!

They loved their short hair and cute hats. If you love this time period you must see the PBS series "The House of Elliot" They won big awards for their costumes of this time period and it is a really fun program you can often get at your local library.

So enjoy clicking on these pages and reading a bit of the past. Forget your worries for a moment and just be a girl of the 20's! Pretend with me.

(As I write this I have some fun Italian music on traveling daughter brought home, I'm swaying and just smiling!)

Oh I'm ready for a night of dancing!


knits plenty said...

Fonell, don'tworry , it's just Febuary and it's just hard to get excited about anything, except for the coming of spring. We're exciteted here because the temp in the Methow Valley are over thirty! We still have snow and lots of ice, but slowly it's melting away. So cook us something really good, that always makes me happy. L. Dian

Fonnell said...

oh yes the snow has been lasting much too long here. In the woodinville where they pushed it into piles the snow remains. Bleach Boy tells me some of the bulbs are peeking up I am ever hopeful!

Fonnell said...

Oh D. go to my snowgobe I put some fun lichen dyed yarn in there!