Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Using the bread recipe for pizza

If you have made the Mother Earth 5 minute a day bread dough then you can make this pizza!

Dinner was forgotten, everyone was tired and coming down with colds. We needed food fast. My sister had tackled pizza over the week-end and it came to me to do the same.

I took a piece of dough and laid it on my flour infused pastry cloth. I just flattened it easily with my hands, no need to use a rolling pin as they suggest. I like the bubbling up dough. Then I folded the edges over once to make them a bit more sturdy to deal with.

As the recipe in the link below warns, keep the toppings light so the dough can show a bit and cook up through the cheese etc. I used olives, a bit of garlic chicken, some saute' onions and a tiny bit of spaghetti sauce. I don't have a pizza peel so I made my dough ( remember how moist and soft it is, hard to move it when it is only 1/4" deep) on the pastry cloth. When my baking stone was good and hot I took the pastry cloth down to the oven and coaxed the dough off and onto the stone. This method must be improved upon! Then I spooned on a touch of sauce, sprinkled on my ingredients and slipped the oven closed.

You don't need to put the water in the oven for the pizza but do turn your oven to it's top temperature. It took 25 minutes to heat the stone, 5 minutes to push out the dough, 15 minutes to cut up the ingredients and about 15 minutes to cook. Now that's fast food!

Wow this was the best ever pizza. The dough is chewy and my dough is a week old so it was a bit sour doughish and wonderful. Bleach Boy can't remember any better other than my cracker crust pizza.

Oh! I feel a pizza attach coming on......Good thing I saved a piece from last night.

I have a rectangle shaped baking stone. It's perfect for making triangle shaped piece slices. Cut the pizza the long way down the center. Then starting at the end make angle cuts to produce nice triangle pizza wedges! So easy and you can make them big and little.

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knits plenty said...

That's beautiful! Thanks for the help with the stone issue, I realized after I read your sugestion that I had a great old cast iron pan cake griddle, and that works. Diana