Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I just can't stop!

I think I will be trying every recipe in the article "5 minute bread" find the recipe on Mother Earth News web site.
So for lunch today it was Nann. I am a long time maker of really good Nann. I seriously had my doubts this dough in my fridge for the last two weeks could make really good Nann.
It was really good
Let me repeat
It was really good.
Make it and see.
I brushed the finished Nann with garlic butter and tossed crushed dried parsley over it. It took only moments and made a great addition to lunch. yes the one in the photo was little over cooked but bleach boy loves things crisp and the one for me was soft and good!

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Hildred said...

Fonnell - everyone must feel as you do, - that it's the best bread in the world. Tried the Website, but it said "too busy" ...

I will go back again.