Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I NEED an Ocean view....please

Today is feel the beach day!

Oh a hard week for sure. Pain that was nearly unmanageable and then some wonderful distractions. The talk of the ocean, surfing and our Southern California up bringing has me longing for the beach, a view of the ocean, the crash and draw back of the waves, the smell of sea weed & salt & fishy things, the call of a gull, a seal bark, I am home sick for the ocean.

Youngest daughter said in her blog that her i-pod and cleaning with Clorox wipes makes her feel better. We've talked of this before I know and I hope every one is finding things to lift them above hardship. Life will be hard but we can be strong and enjoy so much of this life we live.

I just had to put an ocean on this brief but needful posting. I wanted something of my own. The best I could find is this calendar photo from 2003. (You don't want to see my odd bell bottoms and me with surf board! he he) I journal life on my calendars. It's amazing what I've found from years long gone that I needed off those calendars . So here is the ocean. I am picturing myself there with a glass of strawberry lemon aide or mango something. Oh my heart be still.

Below is a nice calendar message I think will help too. Your day may seem lost in the hardship, it may not have a list of crossed off chores. It may be lonely, long or glorious! I hope. But this calendar reminds me that we plant little things. We have great rewards later after it grows. You don't have to do something big to plant a seed in your child, in yourself, in a friend, a spouse. A tiny seed grows a redwood tree. I know.....Tiny seeds exposed to the heat of fire. One day you have a giant, breath taking redwood. I know because I've grown the real redwoods and I need to tell my kids, they are also redwoods. They make me so proud, their good choices, the love they show trying to understand each other. I must have planted some seeds and it grew 5 amazing people!

So today is plant a seed day!


Alicia said...

Aunt Fonnell,

Here is a post just for you, I hope it helps fulfill your need for a beach. Fill free to holler if you ever need me to share my vast ocean, I think there is enough for us all ;]



Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...


I need permission to look at your blog. Please please!

so nice to hear from you are you enjoying the islands? Did you know I got a nice sun burn oops tan while I was down in L.A.