Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day
You bring a bit of sunshine into my life
You let me express myself and share what I love
Yes I love families, and women who lovingly care for others.
I Hope you feel the love back that you so much deserve.
Let Cupids arrow catch your heart!
Smiles Grammie
The cupid in the photo is my dear mother in law.
We miss her so much and I love that she grew up in the 20's so we can use her lovely photo.
Now you can see where bleach boy gets his light hair


Georgia said...

Happy Valentines to you also! Love the picture,yes she was the sweetest lady. Were did all the beautiful hair come from? I see were Phil gets his hair color.

Love your sight, Keep up the good work sis!

George said...

That is grandma? I've never seen that photo before... cute cute.