Monday, February 9, 2009

Now who couldn't love this face?

Raising five kids wasn't the easiest of jobs and sometimes I just needed my space. I saved a magazine advertisement from the early 1980's that had a nice Cabin in the woods, chimney smoking on it. It said something like this "some times a get away is just another home"
So with that idea I find my self at my other home. My get away!
Made a visit to youngest daughter and her sweet babies.
Now who couldn't love this face?

Awe home sweet home!


Hildred said...

What darling children Fonnell. Glad that you are having a little break with Lyndy and her family. Is there enough sunshine there yet to chase away the winter blahs?

We still wait patiently for the clouds to dissipate, - my garden is covered with hard snow that drifted there in great piles and then froze. Who knows what lies underneath it - it is almost time for the Lenten roses to thrust their little knobs through the ground...

smiles, Hildred

Eden said...

What cuties! We wish we could visit them too!