Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's have some fun part one

where is your eye looking, what does it see, what catches your eye?

I'm thinking fashion lately. With money so tight and my wardrobe getting so old I see the need to get creative. I want what I sew to look great right from the start. Let me help you do the same thing, we don't have the time or money to get things we don't want to wear!

It's funny how good my eye is for fashion and how bad I dress, yes a blue jeans gal now! My major in college was commercial art and design, I made so many drawings, painting and posters but what I really loved was design. Learning how to lead the eye to enjoy what you were creating, to make the eyes comfortable but not bored, excited but not bouncing. I loved this! I still look at the things around me as if they need to do this for me. Fashion is the same. We don't have perfect figures but we can lead the eye, make the eye comfortable or excite the eyes. I found some fun old examples. They will help you practice seeing how you might be looking to others.

Lets begin!

Fashion can tell the eye to look! But which direction is it saying to look? The Y is saying to look UP see my face. The arrow is saying look DOWN see my waist, hips, hem and slightly shoes. You may not think this is what is happening because a Y and an arrow have a long straight line that should be helping us point but it is about the direction the space is being pushed not the pointing arrow or the catching space Y.

Eye movement can be given limits by stopping how and where they travel. The width of the T with the hat and flouncy sleeves stops your eye up top. It halts your eye from looking vertical.

This H look of this front panel in this dress stops your eye from scanning the lateral areas , Limits your eye to only see the width. OUCH.

Here your eye is invited to travel up and down limitless, You would look tall and thin with this clear, long line.

Can you see how these fashion designs are giving the eye different paths to travel?
a. has attention on the shoulders and neckline
b. your eye is going to that flounce hemline
c. The eye is going to the hip line because you are looking at those cuffs on the sleeve, locking you at the hips.

None of these are just bad

a. is wonderful for a pretty face and neck

b. will let you show off beautiful legs

c. lets really slim narrow hips look much better

You can enjoy a chuckle on my fun 1960's fashions but watch and see if you can find any example of this same idea in what people wear today.

Here is a test

What do you see in each of these. Write me with your ideas for a,b,c,and d.

go here to practice on some great European fashions!

Another asignment

If you do this assignment you will be all ready to enjoy my next posting. This web site is amazing but don't get lost in it yet. Go to the curtain in the middle of the home page and click to take the test. You might enjoy the color facts but please work through the whole test so you can get your body shape. We need that to understand my next post. If you have trouble understanding the test you can click on the right hand left hand links to see what each thing is asking, eye color, hair color, shape etc. Use it as you need to, this is tons of informaton. Have fun!

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