Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now for the surprises, the Digital age has begun

If you've read my postings on the Green thing happening then you know about the digital change over for the TV.
The govt made it mandatory that all stations must convert to Digital TV no later than Feb 17Th today. Now they have changed that to some date in June.
Now for the surprise.
Over 400 stations changed over and dropped their analog today.
No one said they couldn't do it as soon as they were ready, only that they could do it no later than June. I turned on my analog TV and only one station was working, took a little bit to figure out why.
So the test begins, will we be watching any TV during wind? Will the TV give relief and information during storms? Most likely not and we will slowly pass from even using the TV for anything but DVDs at all. Cable goes up in price too often and with draws stations making you pay for stations you'll never watch. Dish TV has the same snow and weather problems the digital has.
Check back to see what happens in the ever moving world of technology! I watch with curiosity.

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Diana said...

Fonell Hi it's me Diana. I found out that here in the Methow we aren't changing, the system here didn't want to change to digital yet, because of the ruralness (not such a word I'm sure) of our area, I don't remember for sure what amount of time they give us.