Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcome any new readers

I've had people asking if they can tell their friends about my Blog. Well of course you can! I welcome all readers. Your questions are welcome as are your comments. We are just women looking to improve and enjoy our lives. If you have older or younger children let me know. I have a wealth of things to do with children. I'd like to make this site reflect what you can use. I found having a lot to do, to brake up the stress, the mundane, the loneliness of life, made living with my five children fun and enjoyable. Let me share what I have with you. You are all welcome.
Tomorrow I will answer a question about making yogurt. If you have tried my recipe on the basics Cd you may find these hints helpful. It seems the more you practice a craft, like cooking, the easier it is for you and the more you forget how hard it is for someone else. So I will add all the little hints I didn't even realize I knew! Be sure to check it out, you can save a bundle making your own yogurt.


The Stokes said...

Where is this picture from? There are those nice purple ground flowers around the neighborhood here along the sidewalk in places. What kind of flower are they?

Fonnell said...

Why yes,
This photo was taken on our going home walk with logan and family. They are in your neighborhood. I'll see if I can find out what they are called. Purple flowers for now!