Saturday, May 10, 2008

frogs frogs every where

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I love this project! I was on the hunt for an Amish doll pattern I used for Girl Scouts. This had me pulling out all my Girl Scout note books, real treasures in my mind, and I found the frogs.
Made from 3x5" recipe size cards. They now come in such delightful colors, even green. Don't forget to add eyes. I know many of you are seasoned Origami folders so this will be easy for you. Once you are done let the kids push down the bums and off the frogs hop. Yes make a dozen and have races. Set a low bowl or basket out and let them try to hop those frogs into it. If you need step by step directions just let me know. Can do!
Happy frogging.
Step #1 fold point to point at just the top of the card
Step #2 fold bottom of card up over the X of the last folds
Step #3 This is one of those steps that is easier to show than do push in the sides to make a pointed nose on your frog.
Step #4 Take that folded nose and fold up the points of the top triangle
Step #5 Fold in long sides of whole card making sure you don't fold into the nose. Then take the back of the nose and fold down "legs" using the bottom of the diamond shape
Step #6 do a zip zag fold. If your card is green on one side and white on the other be sure you are folding the back legs so they show the top as green. Don't crease this zip zag too much it is what gives the frog it's hop so leave it bouncy.
Oh were any of you in the GS troop when we made the Amish dolls? I can't remember where this pattern came from, does anyone have a doll I can copy? Thanks

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