Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is our daughter and son-in-laws 9th anniversary. The first wedding in our family. Our 2nd child. It was a wonderful occassion. We decorated in her beloved garden forest scene. Everyone pitched in, Jana sewed pale green place mats, her dad made a heart shaped back drop from trees in the forest around us, he also made wooden boxes we filled with moss and little handmade dragonflies, Yoko made flowers for everyone to wear, I made her dress, Katherine sewed ivy lace down the dress.
Grandma Reagan flew up to join us, middle sister flew home, it was a wonderful day! We did a luncheon at a nice Hotel and all the women gathered in the free room we had that came with the luncheon and helped Shannon dress and get all ready for her wedding. what fun that was with young, old, friends, family and sisters!
Kind ladies I know did all the kitchen work, the slide show was a laugh and before we knew it everyone was gone and the kids were heading off to the east coast.
The beginning of a family is so nice to reflect back on. They are now raising 6 little children, their oldest just turned 8 years old.
Happy Anniversary kids!


George said...

Middle sister! Well, I'll be! when will you stop introducing me as the middle child and use my name ;-)

Fonnell said...

It has been my goal not to give out too personal of information such as names in my blog. Now and again they slip. But I do not use your name for your protection.
he he

what would you like to be called?

George said...

George of course!