Wednesday, May 21, 2008

June 12 1981 I can still remember it!

Tonight at midnight our local theater is showing the new "Indiana Jones and the crystal skull" My midnight movie days aren't as exciting as they once were so you will see me at the first matinee tomorrow. My childhood was full of all day, Saturday, at the El Monte theater. We'd watch exciting movie after exciting movie, all on one price ticket. This included some great cartoons in between each. Now keep this in mind as I tell you the next story.
In 1981 we had 3 children and were 8 months along with #4. Getting a baby sitter was a major deal. A thirty minute drive each way, over the hills of Ukiah, to reach our sitter. We needed a brake, seriously a brake. Our friends the Fawsons worked out a sitter and we met them at the theater. We were just a tad late and hurried into a filled, old fashion, sticky floored, theater. We found seats way off to the side past lots of people. The movie looked to be in full swing, Harrison Ford was running for his life. Already? We must have missed a lot of the film. Thought maybe we'd stay for the start of the next showing. I didn't have much time to think about it. I was suddenly caught up in the story. I was suddenly back to saturday afternoon at the El Monte Theater. Oh my what a treat for a weary mother of 3 3/4. As it turned out we didn't really miss but a moment of the movie, the action was there from the beginning. It was sure a pleasant change from the serious movies of the time. Thank you Steven Spielberg!
Well the biggest surprise is that our son, oldest child, worked on the movie that will be released tonight at midnight. He added some of his creative juice to this movie. He is a pre-viz artist and maybe someday I'll explain what that is. We are deeply proud of him. He was always such a great artist and to get to work with Steven Spielberg on such an exciting movie is so neat. I will be proudly clapping loudest when his name passes by on the screen! On a side note, as he worked on the film he was given little bits and never got to know what or where it was placed in the movie. Guess he'll be surprised when he sees it too.
Look for me tomorrow in the darkened theater!

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