Saturday, May 24, 2008

Index for the April fools Basic Cd

Well it's time to get back to business! There are always little brakes in our lives. Time to herald something that helps us mark time. Anniversaries, birthdays, accomplishments, but now it's time for me to get back to the business of a women's life.
I made an index for your basics cd. A few phone calls asking for recipes already on the cd told me I needed to do more. I even burned a few extra Cd's last night and added the index in. If you want to give one as a gift or know someone who still wants one I'd be happy to mail it out.
That piece of rich chocolate cake is double chocolate cake made from the make-a-mix recipes. You'll find them in the Treats/cake/snack cake. It makes several different fast cake recipes all made right in the pan you'll bake in. I made this snack cake for my husbands after swim treat. It's not your light and fluffy cake, it's hearty and can be eaten right out of your hand.
I've e-mailed the index to as many of you as I had e-mail for. If you want a copy it's a word doc. and you can send your e-mail in a comment and I won't post any of them as before.
Next blog will be on the messes we encounter. I have some thoughts on what to do with those!
It's memorial week-end.
A time to honor those who have left us. I hope you will take time to think of someone who made life better for you in their passing and give thanks for them. I'm putting my flag out on Monday, maybe you will too.

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