Wednesday, May 28, 2008

whole grain master mix

Hello ladies,
How is life going? What do you need? We should talk about what everyone is thinking about lately. Winter seems over, spring peeks its head out in some places and summer has arrived in others. Let me hear from you a bit.
In the April Fools Basic cd I questioned how good the master mix with oil would be. I hadn't tried it yet but included it because it seemed such a good idea. Remember I learned in high school to make the master mix with tons of shortening. Very bad for us. This week I have been testing the oil done master mix. I have been using the whole grain master mix to improve my health!
Here is what I have learned. The master mix is quick to make and easy to use in recipes. I said it may not save money. True, wheat products are so expensive. But what it does is allows us to remove extra chemicals from our food. We know what is in it and it is pure and simple.
I made the whole grain mix in about 5 minutes. I put it all in my mixer with the whisk attachments on. As the mixtured turned I very slowly poured in my oil. It worked perfectly! The oil was mixed thoroughly in just a few moments. Then I put it in my Tupperware pour container and that night I made dinner with it. The difference with the whole grain is that it is WHOLE. It's heavier, but not too heavy. The biscuits were still nice the crust crisp. Because I didn't use dry milk in my master mix I used milk instead of water to make the biscuits. I will test other recipes and see how it goes and report to you.
If you didn't get a Basics Cd here is the recipe. If you did get the cd the recipe for master mix, whole grain and plain and recipes to go with them are in the hints file, then cooking hints and then master mix folder and you will find two master mix folders. Use your index. Is that helping? Who didn't get one? I can e-mail you one. With over I think 400 entry's you need an index!
You can go to the Bettycrocker recipes at the address above for recipes using both of the master mixes on your cd. If you make a pudding master mix, a snack cake master mix and a master mix for all the other bread things you are set for a month of great easy additions to your meals.
You will find all those mixes at this college site. And don't forget colleges are my favorite places to find great thing of all subjects.
When my children were pre-teens and teens I had a lot of different mixes in containers and the recipes were blown up and put on cards so they could make their own yummies. A lot of fun and like I said fast to make.
Give this healthy recipe a try.
Whole Grain master mix Servings 12 half cup 2 cups white flour
2 cups whole wheat flour
¾ cup nonfat dry milk (opt)
½ cup oats
½ cup cornmeal
3 tablespoons baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt (opt)
½ cup vegetable oil
Mix as in recipes above. Whole wheat flour also can go rancid so long storage should be in the fridge.

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