Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you to the Veterans who serve

Today was Veterans day. A day to say our thank-you to those who serve and served our country. Here is my list, living and dead, I do not mean to leave anyone out and if your name isn't complete forgive a grammie brain. I still say Thank-you from deep in my heart!
Thank you To those who served in the past
Bernie Reagan WWII
Donnell Gardner WWII
Charles Finch WWII
George Gardner WWI
Philip Reagan Vietnam era
Thank you to those who serve now
Leasa Bairs two boys (she is now all alone and I think of her)
Our neighbor, one of the Norberg twins (I mix them up!) Welcome home!
Todd who serves with the coast guard
John who we worried about a lot as he removed bombs in Iraq (my daughter Cheryl's friend)
Eve Hays sons who are serving right now
I cherish the Freedom you protect.
Don't feel forgotten.
Thank you a Bunch!

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