Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to make corn tortillas

How about a quick photo essay on making Corn Tortillas. I was trying to make a quick dinner and was half way through these when I thought you might like to see how this is done. So here goes! At one moment I had a big plate of them and the next there was only a few left over for breakfast tomorrow. Did I say quick dinner!

This is instant masa, don't use corn meal. There are several different brands, you can try them until you find a favorite. Can you use fresh masa? Of course but this is what I have on hand year around.

Mix 2 cups of instant masa with 1 1/3 cups warm water

stir with a fork and if it is too dry add a tablespoon of water at a time. Once you can make a semi-moist ball of the mix it is ready. If you don't make the tortillas fast cover with damp towel.

This is a Tortilla press. You don't have to press down hard, just a light touch will do it. Can you use something else? Yes but it's more work. I used a cast iron skillet at one time.

Place a zip lock quart Freezer bag on the bottom Make a ball golf ball size of dough. Put it 1/3 up on the circle

Take a 2nd quart freezer bag and using scissors cut off the zip and the sides. This will leave you with a single piece of heavy plastic. Lay on top of the dough.

Press the top of the Tortilla press down. Don't push hard just gently is all you need. This is soft squishy dough after all!

This is how it presses out. Nice isn't it and fast!

Pick up the whole collection of bottom bag, dough and top bag piece.

Flip it on your hand, remove the bottom bag carefully.

You will now have only the top bag to remove. I pull each corner gently to the middle and only once in a while lose a bit. The goal is to remove the plastic and not leave any dough on it.

The dough in the shape of a tortilla is now on your hand, it is fragile. If you mess up it rolls into a ball again....

Prepare a very hot griddle or case iron skillet

Flip your tortilla over off of your hand onto the skillet. You don't touch the skillet! OUCH.

The top Tortilla is cooked on both sides, it is a little different color than the front one we just laid on the skillet. These need only 30 seconds on each side to be done.

Yes sadly this is all that is left now. They get eaten fast. I think we made about 12 tonight. That reminds me, left over turkey makes great taco's!

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