Sunday, November 2, 2008

seed saving

Fresh yummy beans for eating

Dried Seed pods from the same bean plants

It's fall in the great Northwest. You can see it everywhere, the trees dropping those colorful leaves, the spiders making their last webs, the frost on the pumpkins well not exactly but soon enough. It is time to winterize the rototiller, put away the timers on the soaker hoses, shear the Cashgora goat. There is one more chore that will help you sustain yourself. Every year I leave the best, biggest bits of the garden so I can collect seeds for the next year. Now that they have enjoyed the time on the plant and collected the best of the sun and soil they have started to dry and I have collected the pods that hold the seeds. I lay them on paper towels in the house in a darkish place and in a week I empty the pods and put them in paper envelopes (well not any more, remember the mouse!) and then in glass jars......

I'm happy to tell you more about this process but I need to see interest, maybe you didn't leave any seeds for harvest. If not come next spring you will begin to hear about sustainable living and collecting your useful seeds for next year. Now my big question will be "Are these seeds from non Hybrid beans? The plants were shared with me from my daughters garden. I'll let you know when I plant them, we may not get beans from them at all. Awe the mystery!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am new to the blog world, and am just expanding my computor skills past E-bay and Wikepedia. I am enjoying all of your entries. I am anxious to try some of your recipes. I am from the" make a mix era" and knew exactly what you meant when you said Master Mix.We have a small State certified raw milk dairy and organic produce farmstead, I am anxious to share your ideas with some of my customers. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to share your tips and shortcuts with some of us,Keep up the good work, R&C Dairy, Collinsville, Tx.

Fonnell said...

How great to hear from a reader! Happy to have you along. I only started this blog in January. My family now raised I found all this wealth of information in my head needed a place to be shared. I'm having great fun and hope everyone will try at least something new.
Good, useful things are found not only in the new BUT in the past and come from the generation a head.