Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving
Thinking of our family far away
Our family close by
Our friends
And those who care for us.
We hope your day is filled with gratitude
Happy laughter and good food!
I've baked my pies and couldn't stop, I have two pumpkin, a cranberry walnut, a toll house pie, and a lemon meringue.
Tomorrow I will wake in time to watch the Macy's parade and make a double batch of yeast rolls.
The very cute turkey above was from some of my grand kids. Natalie is the tiny baby hands, and Logan is the big boy nearly three year old hands. My heart melted when I opened the envelope that cute turkey arrived in today.
Another surprise was a quick call from far away daughter, she now has already had her thanksgiving. Jakarta is a day a head of us here in the Pacific Northwest.
Thank-you kids! Grammie and papa love the Turkey.
Lots of love to our family and friends
P.S bleach boy/papa will be going swimming tomorrow morning and we leave for dinner at 3:00 pm but you can reach us at Cheryl's if you want to call.

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