Friday, November 28, 2008

Braving the elements for that magical Evergreen!

Yes Joshua, It is raining!

But we have come for the magical Evergreen....

And this is the Evergreen state so our chances are good.

oh Joshua is not buying this quest.....

Click to enlarge it will look like you are right there in the forest.

Let's try a family photo moment between rain drops.

Hi Dunham's
Hi Papa

Look over there. Those are neat trees!

The scatter and hunt technique (we had several sets of walkie Talkies with us!)

Lilly is ready to cut that beautiful tree down

Oh and it smells so nice!

enlarge this to see the sleeping one year old

Daddy took over for Lilly, she is falling asleep standing , Papa holds the tree up....What?

Is this a posed photo?

Now the fun Begins....

Getting the tree to the car!

Did we say it was raining..... That means lots of mud!

Look at the size of the trunk on our tree. It's a very full, Magical tree.

This is my tree, the long hike made short with a little trailer ride. Lilly joined us on the ride

Cocoa time!

Laundry Time!.....We did mention the mud right?

Let us put in a good word for Reade Christmas tree farm
between Monroe and Snohomish.
Not only are the trees beautiful but everyone is so nice and the fields are easy to walk in.
(The only thing better is a forest tree without so much snip snip)


George said...

looks like fun... sorry I missed it... hope you picked a good one this year so I can sleep under it :)

Eden said...

Oh, I wish we could have come tree hunting. It's just too far of a haul to get it back to our car.

Fonnell said...

Yes Eden if only we could remove the state of Oregon, I'd be happy to deliver your tree, but that state is just too big to drive through!