Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Story telling for these dark days

The time change here in the Pacific Northwest brings a darkness even the strongest among us shutters at! It's time to bring out the full spectrum lights and have some good story telling. One of my few documented talents is story telling. Documented you say? Yes when you get your nick name, that long carry's with you, from your art of story telling I'd say it's documented.

Here are some fun ones to brighten your rainy fall days. Practice these pencil stories for smooth telling of the tales.

You need a paper and pair of scissors to tell this story

Here goes: fold the paper in half, twice. Start from the center fold corner. As you cut figure A tell the story of the boat captain who needed to guide his boat on a mysterious adventure and what did he use to find his way at night? (unfold the star you just cut out)

Next as you cut figure B tell the story of the the boat finding a great island and to go explore they throw what over board? An anchor BUT DON'T UNFOLD just hold it up as is.

End your story with some great adventure of escaping the wild natives of the island, hoping on your boat and quickly steering the boat away, as you tell this let the anchor piece drop open into a big steering wheel.

This is fun but a practice run helps a lot!

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