Monday, November 24, 2008

Need a Christmas Lullaby?

I am the oldest child in a large family. When lullaby's were sung to my siblings this one stayed as a part of me, I heard it so many times. I also sang it to my children but knew I was missing parts of it. One day (long ago) I mentioned this to my sister (lets call her Amazing Auntie) and in the process of cleaning up after passed away family members she found the little blue book called "Little Stories in Song" with my name written in it. My beloved lullaby was there and it's a missing piece of my life restored!

Now youngest needs holiday music for church and she called requesting a peek at this song. I'm thinking this song should not just pass away un-noticed so I offer it to all of you. It was used in Primary in the 1950's and is an old treasure. This tiny blue book is nearly completely written by Frances K. Taylor and if she is still alive, THANK-YOU for such sweet, gentle songs.

Please disregard the hand written verse, it is my own and is not important.

Bonus! Here is the next song in the book

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