Sunday, October 5, 2008

parting is so sad....

It was a shock to leave Friday morning at 11 am and start on our 3 hours trip to battle ground, for the special birthday, only to get behind an accident and spend 7 hours sitting on I-5. You'll never know how nice those portable restrooms were when they finally showed up! This wait was even made harder knowing that our 2 year old grandson had been waiting for us all day long.
We made it in time for cake which is good because it was in an ice-chest on the back seat of our car! We've had a lot of fun with the family and enjoyed the two grand kids a bunch. Here are just a couple of photos. I thought family and friends might enjoy them. The cake, which is for a more advanced baker is chocolate and orange. Each layer has a coating of orange marmalade, California style, and chocolate butter cream.
Tomorrow we will try the 3 hours drive North in a bit more style than the 7 hour trip south. I think a bit of snack food will surely be better than the 2 apples we had on the trip down.
"Just in case food".

building Thomas the Train Halloween outfit with Papa

Is Logan testing to see if Papa is even close?

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George said...

Natalie looks totally blonde! Wow!