Thursday, October 16, 2008

Berries, still

I thought we were all finished with my berry collection. Alas on the way to feed our goat I saw this familiar vine going up one of our barns. Yes it grows up buildings and fences and it is a night shade called bittersweet night shade. This time of year the colorful berries could attract anyone. We taught our kids about them and later our neighbor girls were taught to keep away. I grew tired of always tearing them out when we saw them so now everyone must learn "NOT TO EAT" just any berry you see. Do remember that seeing the flowering plant is a BIG way to know what you are looking at. The Bittersweet night shade has little purple reverse star burst type flowers with bright yellow in the center. They are pretty and you will notice them.
I went hunting so you could have more information than I have in my head and here is a helpful web site from my area. It has loads of information!

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