Monday, October 20, 2008

Feng shui

The younger two girls and I enjoyed a morning class in feng shui at a conference in Florida. It was a long time ago but I remembered how interested I was in it. The reason? I loved the feeling it gave me. Just look at the pictures I've included and see if you don't get a feeling from seeing harmony and balance.

Feng Shui ( say it fung-shway) is a ancient Chinese art. Very old and full of tradition. It is about the connection between you and your surroundings. This is such a complex art of understanding a person and helping them balance life through home arrangement you would need to study many years to really be able to do Feng Shui yourself. There are however many interesting sources, some much too westernized, but do check your local libray.

I do know how Yin and Yang works. Two energies both different but in balance they are good and out of balance they are...............well lets say a bit crazy. I remember when our son left to serve a mission in Japan. That left the household with 5 women and poor bleach boy, who tried to hold his own ground. It wasn't long before feminine energy was too much for the house hold. Balance was all off. I felt it and it was strong. Another time I remember understanding Chi or balance was in college. I was an art major, studying design. As I tuned my eye to what made a good design I realized I was suddenly feeling a balance, chi. The space you don't use in art is as important as the space you do. Yin and Yang. I think this principle can be seen in so much you do in life.

So now take a look at the simple examples I found in my sewing magazine. If you can find a copy it's Sew News July 2005 " Balancing Act Feng Shui Basics". A great article worth the read.

You might have fun taking a this test to see what your Feng Shui personality is. Go to Click on the 5 element living link and then take the The 5 Element Personality Quiz. I was suprised at mine. I've never liked stone in my home and now I know why!

This is just a tiny taste of this sudject just to get us started "looking".


Jessica said...

Interesting! I really like doing yoga and tai-chi. I think the philosophy is similar.

Fonnell said...

yes both yoga and Tai-chi are about harmony. I've seen some articles about dressing with Feng shui but that is certainly a western idea.

Feng Shui goes deeply into not allowing the forces that create wealth and love etc leave your home. It's complex but when you go into a room that has been set up it feels really good and you don't even know why.

Take the elements test and then look at the chart I put on and you will see what decorating issues you are naturally drawn to. Then the goal is to balance it.