Friday, October 10, 2008

looking back to October 7th 1972

Oct 7th 1972
It seems so very long ago! starting from the left
Mike, (bleach boys best friend), Jan (my friend from institute, we shared a secretary job there), Francie (my childhood friend), Georgia (my sister), Me & Bleach Boy (freshly back from Korea), raelynn (friend of both of us), Christine (my sister), Sue (my sister), Jimmy (bleach boys youngest brother)
The photo is faded and old but the dresses were in lovely fall colors, some lined in yellow, some in gold, some in orange. Weddings were very simple back then. I made a lot of the dresses for the families, we all made the baskets and hats, my aunts made the luncheon. It didn't cost much to do and we have these great photos my cousin took and made into a nice album for us.
Could it be I have been married this long? yes, you do it one day at a time, one challenge at a time. You grow, you learn, you struggle, but most of all you honor your promises, you work on loving one another and you keep your marriage first!

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George said...

Wild photo. I still say dad looks like a leprechaun!
Happy Anniversary.