Saturday, October 11, 2008

Make that nice liquid soap last longer!

Money is tight but even when it wasn't I didn't like to toss out a bottle of fragrant soap that still had some in it. You get to a point in those soap bottles where they won't give you more.
Use my hint and get every little squirt of soap out of the bottle. It's all about hydraulics and truly I can't explain it very well I just know it works. Been using this for years. When your soap is too low to pump, very slowly add some water. Take the water up about 1/3 the height of the bottle. We are NOT trying to mix the soap and the water. The soap will be heavier than the water and it should lay on the bottom waiting to be pumped up. It is best to use a measuring cup to pour the water in slowly. Most faucets are strong enough to mix the water into the soap and that is not what we want to do.
This raising the height in the bottle will allow you to use the rest of the soap. One day you will get to the water and then you know it's time to toss the bottle. The first pump after putting the water in, will take several pushes. keep pushing and soon the soap will be in your hands, once it is back up the tube you will not have to pump hard again.
Enjoy your left over soap.....I do especially the coconut soap!

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Christine said...

We've been doing this for years!! I hate throwing away soap, too!!!