Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's draw Halloween

click each photo to enlarge for details.

When my kids were little we got a fun magazine called Cricket. One issue had a page of Halloween creatures you could draw no matter what your age. This is when we fell in love with Ed Emberley. We bought his orange book and not long after his green book. The kids loved to draw animals, creatures, buildings and cars from these fun books. Is it any wonder our son became an artist! So now some fun. The books start with easy to draw and grow in complexity. I am putting in three levels of the orange book. I hope you can find these older books. You just might be raising another great animator like ours! Try checking Ed Emberley's web site below:

Next we have some great Spiders!

Step one learning the shapes to make!

Be sure an follow the little shape at the bottom and add it to the drawing you have started. This is a step by step lesson but you are drawing one spider! Click on drawing to enlarge for viewing!

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