Saturday, October 18, 2008

Making childrens dolls

Making a handkerchief clown doll

I have a fond memory. It is of little handmade dolls given to me as a child by the creative, loving people in my life. My parents built my childhood home in the 1950's. We lived in a motel, though it wasn't called that. It was a strip of little rooms all with kitchenettes but one shared bathroom. I remember riding my tricycle on the walk way in front of the rooms. A very kind lady there made several little toys for me and my sister. I still have one of them and remember her kindness. My Grandmother on my dad's side made several cherished dolls for me and my mom made a little clown over and over for me as I loved it so much I would wear it out every few years. I still have one. In the next few blogs I will show you some of these quick toys. They are made with very few supplies and little work but mean so very much to a child. I've never forgotten mine!

1) Any square of fabric will work. A handkerchief will work, one with flowers makes a nice girl doll. You can made a quick hem on a fabric square.

2) fold the square corner to corner as in diagram A.

3) put a small ball of fiber fill or a scrap of fabric made into a ball, or for me a spinner I'd put a ball of wool in for the head. Tie tightly a bit of thread or yarn around the ball to form the head. diagram B

4) Diagram C Here is where it gets a Little more tricky. Just remember it's a clown and they have loose, full sleeves etc. Treat each point of the handkerchief as one of the clowns limbs. You can follow the photo above. Pull the right hand up and let it be the top. Then pull the left leg and let it be the top. You will sew in little whip stitches the arms (you don't have to start at the top of the hand as we tie it later). Start at the wrist and sew until you see that you can not sew further without getting into a leg. So the pattern is sew from wrist most of the way to the body. Sew from point of foot to most of the way to the body.

I left one foot open to show you what it looks like before you fold it in and sew it.

5) You will now have arms and legs sewn but the tummy will be loose and open. It can flip any way the child moves the clown or you can tie a colorful yarn, or piece of fabric around his waist.

Stitch or paint or use crayons even and make him a colorful face. They sell tubes of a puff type paint that makes a cute nose. Tie a colorful thread or yarn around each wrist, remember his toes are sewn at a point so do nothing with those. You can take yarn, but not too much or it will weigh his head down, and make some bit of hair to stitch to his head top.

Now wasn't this easy and fun? This came from a book so old I doubt we will ever see it again. So enjoy this cute little clown.

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