Friday, October 31, 2008

Need a fun party story? Spooky but fun

Prepare the items below and tell the story of The Body of Mr. Brown. As you tell the story begin to pass the items before they hear what it is. Turn the lights off and read with a covered flashlight.

Head of cauliflower oiled

Corn silk

popcorn kernels

rubber glove filled with cold water and tied at the wrist

peeled grapes

liver or something that feels like it

dried apricots

Chicken bone

cooked, oiled spaghetti

The Story

The truth it is, please do not frown.
that there once lived a man called Mr. Brown.
It soon became his sorrowful lot
To die quite very near this spot.
We now will give you some of his remains....
First we'll pass you Mr. Brown's Brains (cauliflower)
The head once covered with curls for fair
And now we pass you Mr. Brown's hair (corn silk)
When Mr. Brown would smile at all the girls
His teeth they shined like the whitest pearls. (popcorn kernels)
The next thing we pass you'll soon understand
Is Mr. Brown's cold left hand. (water filled glove)
Mr. Brown's sight was once keen and wise.
And now we'll pass you Mr. Brown's eye's (peeled grapes)
This old world Mr. Brown hated to part
But to prove that he did we pass you his heart. (Liver)
The songs of birds he lived to hear
What we pass you now is one of his ears (dried apricots)
The flowers he did like to smell
Is that his nose? We won't tell (chicken bone)
That's all there is of Mr. Brown except for these worms
Feel them and see if they make you squirm (spaghetti oiled )

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