Friday, March 7, 2008

What if all I have is a tea cup and a mug?

Teas cup on the left, mug on the right
This question was asked about measuring recipes. If you live where you must use metrics I can only offer you a little help. My dear friend in BC could answer our questions as how to make the change. I offer this web site for a really nice group of charts.
cooking metrics
As for the tea cup and mug...
If your tea cup is like mine it will measure on the inside;
5 1/2 mm deep to 7 1/2 mm across it will hold less water than a cup and a little more water than 3/4 cup.
The mug if it is like mine will measure 8 1/2 mm deep to 7 1/2 mm across and it holds 1 1/3 cups of water.
A spoon you eat with holds 1 teas of water. A bigger spoon like what I stir with holds
1 tablespoon of water just barely.
My hands are not med and not small just between those and I can hold 1/3 cup of dry goods in one hand if you want to measure that way.
If you have a way to measure these in other than metric just know that on my ruler 1 inch is about 2.5 mm. The inch is just a little touch bigger.
WOW that's my math for the day...Any ideas out there?

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Eden said...

Okay, this is probably where my recipe problems start. Growing up my mom always had a scoop in the flour container that was just a big scoop, not a specific measurement. She taught us to measure flour with that scoop. Mounded up was 1 cup and about level was 1/2 cup. I also learned to measure a teaspoon using my cupped palm. Anyways, all this is to say that over time you get used to what a cup or a half-cup looks like. How much a tsp of salt looks like in the palm of your hand. You'll become familiar with quantities over time and can "eyeball" it. Now, don't tell Clint I'm advocating this. He gets after me for not measuring precisely.